Washington Redskins: To Sell or Not to Sell

Are We Culturally Sensitive?

Or, what does "cultural appropriation" have to do with selling football kit?


This past summer, for those of you who have been living under a rock, the Washington Redskins dropped their team nickname, and became "The Washington Football Team." This was because the nickname "Redskins" is a demeaning term aimed at Native Americans, meant to belittle them. It's not the same as "Chiefs," "Braves," or "Warriors." Those are simply terms describing roles in the Native American community, and not meant as disparaging. Some will argue that those names still amount to "cultural appropriation," which is the use of elements of identity of one group by another, usually more dominant, group. That's neither here nor there, as this post is more specifically about the Redskins and what we are doing with our stock.

Right after the decision was made to strip the Redskins name and logo, Nike pulled all Redskins stock from their site. A few people asked us if we, too, were going to stop selling Redskins merch. 

The answer is NO, for the following reasons:

One of our main purposes of our business is to reuse and recycle pre-loved goods

  • It keeps them out of the landfill
  • The apparel has a new life 
  • Businesses like ours embody the "one man's trash is another man's treasure" ethic

Therefore, throwing out or destroying, or even donating, our Redskins gear won't help with this goal even one little bit. As a matter of fact, as others get rid of their Redskins apparel, we hope to procure some of it and re-home it with British fans of the team.

People love nostalgia!

Sometimes when a team changes their name, or logo, or city, fans are quick to get some of the new items--everyone likes to be up to date and cutting edge. However, nostalgia is a powerful driver for humans as well. 

  • "Remember when" brings back warm feelings of yesteryear
  • Sometimes an old garment with an old logo or name is comforting
  • In the long run, when something isn't made anymore, it becomes collectable

How we currently handle name changes/disparity

  • Right now, we list all the goods for the same team under the NEW name (with the exception of the Redskins, until they have a new nickname)
  • So, you'll find San Diego and Los Angeles Chargers kit under the "Los Angeles Chargers" section of our site
  • The same goes for "Las Vegas Raiders" and anything that might still say "Oakland," or even "Los Angeles" Raiders
  • One exception is the Houston Oilers, who later became the Tennessee Oilers, then the Tennessee Titans--the team names and logos are different enough that we list Oilers items (when we're lucky enough to find them) separately

So, carry on, and know that you can find gear with old names and new, new and pre-loved, for everyone in the family, right here at End Zone Kit!

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